Areas of expertise

Artificial Intelligence

The objective of artificial intelligence is to find patterns and relationships in the data that allow identifying information and behavior that were not known until now.

Mathematical Optimization

Mathematical modeling allows a rigorous prescriptive analysis using Advanced algorithmic techniques to obtain optimal problem solutions computationally complex.

Big Data

Using computer systems we help companies that encounter the problem of having a large volume of data that, because of its massiveness, cannot be analyzed by people



On-site personalized advice for the analysis and survey of your current processes and the proposal of overcoming solutions

Custom projects

Our team of scientists, engineers and strategic partners allow us to provide customized solutions to your projects


Most of our members are teachers in the most prestigious universities

Why choose us?

Choosing a provider is a difficult task, some of the reasons to choose us:


We are a company with 8 years in the industry. Throughout our history we've deployed more than a 100 solutions for clients of different sizes and industries. This is our seal of guarantee.


Our team is made up of teachers and researchers from the best universities and scientific institutions in the country. Our horizontal scheme is an environment conducive to human and intellectual development.


We have a wide range of technologies and analytical tools that allow you to work in different areas. Our teams are made up of different profiles that fit your needs.


We actively participate in recognized events and organizations in the public and private spheres that result in a portfolio of contacts and strategic partners with high added value


It is part of our differential

All members are partners, this implies low turnover and a source of attraction for the most trained, responsible and high-ranking resources in the industry.

Eryx in the media

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